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SpaceX Successfully Tested Starhopper Last Week

SpaceX: What To Look Forward To After Starhopper Launch

Three years ago, at the International Aeronautical Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico, Elon Musk took to the stage and shared his vision to take humans to Mars to start a self-sustaining city, 1 million strong. SpaceX had committed to building transportation that will take us there.

On August 27th, the Starhopper flew to a height of 490 feet and touched down back at SpaceX’sBoca Chica site in Texas. The Starhopper is the single-engine prototype of the Starship, the vehicle that SpaceX is building to make Mars colonization possible. Musk had in the past considered names like Big Falcon Rocket, Big Fuckin Rocket, and the abbreviation BFR before settling on Starship.

Just after the successful flight of the Starhopper, Musk tweeted that,” Starship update will be on Sept 28th, the anniversary of SpaceX reaching orbit.”

So what should we look forward to?

In October, SpaceX hopes that it will be able to launch a more advanced Starship prototype to an altitude of 20km and thereafter attempt at reaching orbit.

SpaceX is also building a pair of orbital prototypes with at least 3 Raptor engines called Mk1 and Mk2 at its facilities at Boca Chica, Texas and Florida respectively. Musk wants the Mk1 to be fully assembled by September 28th.

Musk has also talked about taking a group of artists around the moon in a few years' time and will explore the possibility of the Starship being used for international flights through space. Musk says it can take you anywhere in the world in under an hour.


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