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SpaceX wants to be able to communicate with the Starship while in flight

SpaceX To Test The Starship Very Soon According to FCC Filing

According to a filing by to the Federal Communications Commission and first reported by Teslarati, SpaceX is taking steps to begin test flying its Starship spacecraft. The company is seeking permission to communicate with the prototype while it’s in flight.

SpaceX filed the documents this week as it prepares for its first test flight in October. SpaceX wants the Starship to reach a maximum altitude of 74,000 ft. which is still far from earth’s orbit but much greater distance than the 500ft achieved by the Starhopper.

SpaceX founder and CEO, Elon Musk, wants to follow up on the successful test of the Starhopper with a successful test of the full-scale vehicle, Starship. Musk had teased before that he would provide updates on September 28th, where he expects the construction and assembly of the vehicles to be finished by then.

The Starship is a spacecraft by SpaceX that Musk hopes will be able to take humans to Mars eventually. It will also replace the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy. It has been built to offer maximum reusability. Musk has also talked about using it for flights over long distances on earth through space, claiming that it can get you almost everywhere on earth in under 30 minutes.

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