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Yasaku Maezawa will be SpaceX's first private tourist in 2023

Japanese Billionaire Sells His Company To Prepare For Private SpaceX Voyage Around The Moon

Japanese billionaire, Yasaku Maezawa, is going to sell 30% of his online retail fashion company Zozo, to Yahoo Japan and depart the company to prepare for his 2023 voyage around the moon in SpaceX’s Starship.

Maezawa announced these plans in an emotional 2 hour-long press conference on Thursday. It is a $3.7bn tender offer and he will resign as CEO of the company, but take home roughly $2.3bn while retaining a 6% stake in the company.

When asked about what plans he had going forward, Maezawa said, “Training to go into space will take up much of my time.” He also has plans to launch a less ambitious spaceflight before he embarks SpaceX’s privately funded circumlunar voyage.

Mr. Maezawa was born on 22nd November 1975. He founded Start Today in 1998 before launching Zozo in 2004 and it went on to become the Japanese largest online fashion retailer. He is currently Japan’s 17th richest man.

Maezawa unveiled plans for a weeklong Starship flight around the moon on September 2018 at the launch of the Starship system by Musk in Guadalajara Mexico. It was called the Big Fucking Rocket(BFR) then and has been redesigned and renamed Starship)

His voyage has been codenamed #dearMoon and he plans on taking with him a handpicked crew of a painter, musician, film director, other artists and “maybe a couple of astronauts.” When asked if Musk will be part of the voyage, he replied, “maybe we will both be on it”

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