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This is likely to be the last ring attached on top of the Starship Mk1

SpaceX Technicians Attach the Third and Final Dome Atop the Starship Mk 1 Prototype

SpaceX technicians at its Southern Texas site, Boca Chicca, have lifted the Starship Mk1’s third and final tank dome and attached it atop the prototype steel tank section using a new method called integration.

This is likely to be the last ring attached on top of the Starship Mk1 with the attachment of the conical nose section and fleshing out the many internal subsystems and aerodynamic control surfaces being left. The tank dome installation was the fifth to be completed by both teams building the Starship Mk 1 and Mk2 at Boca Chicca and Florida respectively.

Usually, the technicians install the steel tank dome by lowering the domes and its done side by side from one vertical weld which ensures flexibility inside the Starship cylindrical tank section. The steel domes are spot-welded to the side of the tank in the proper place all while being supported by a large crane and then the technicians can complete a seamless ring weld around their entire circumference.

This time around, the technicians welded the upper tank dome to its companion ring section while both elements were still on the ground. When the dome was welded to the steel ring completely, a dome cap was then installed. This sealed the top off completely and the ring was craned atop the Starship Mk 1 on yesterday. Most of the work was done on the ground-level instead of doing it 50-100ft above the ground.

SpaceX founder and CEO, Elon Musk, hopes that both the Starship Mk 1 and the Mk 2 will be ready for demonstration on Sept 28th, when he gives an update on the progress of the prototype. Musk is hoping to test it in October, as early as 13th, according to filings by the company to the FCC.

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