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This is according to documents unearthed by a local news site

SpaceX Set to Transport its Mk2 Prototype from its Cocoa,Florida Build Site to the Kennedy Space Centre This Month

According to documents filed with local city and transportation authorities and unearthed by the journalists of a local news site, ClickOrlando, SpaceX is set to transport its Starship Mk2 prototype from its site in Cocoa, Florida to the Kennedy Space Centre Launch Complex 39A facilities.

This would present SpaceX with logistical challenges because the Starship Mk2 prototype is a massive vehicle and the trip is over 30miles by road. SpaceX, according to the documents, will however transport it by road for a few miles, and then it will be loaded onto a barge and shipped to the Kennedy Space Centre.

SpaceX has hired a company called Roll-Lift to help with transportation. Roll-Lift has done a couple of things in the past for SpaceX. It will move the Starship from its build site to a river access point near a bridge, loaded into a barge on the Indian River through Canaveral Barge Canal to reach the Banana River.

From that point, it will be a straightforward movement up to the Kennedy Space Centre Turn Basin. When the Starship reaches here, the last leg of the transportation will be a few-mile trek along KSC’s Pad 39 Crawlerway. SpaceX recently started construction on a concrete foundation that will support a launch mount for Starship and Super Heavy.

It is also likely that SpaceX will build a new site inside the Kennedy Space Centre. This facility is currently being called Robert Roads facilities which are the names of the road nearby. This site was proposed in 2018 to be a Falcon 9 refurbishment and Launch Control Centre This site will provide SpaceX as much room to build their rockets as the current site in Cocoa, Florida but will save them from the burden and challenges of transporting massive rockets.

SpaceX plans to transport the Mk2 prototype as early as this month. The process of transporting from the Cocoa, Florida to the Kennedy Space Centre will take approximately 2 weeks from start to finish and will involve closure of roads and highways. It will take place at night.


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