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Elon Musk's Highly Anticipated Presentation Just Proves That

From Render to Reality, SpaceX Has Made Incredible Progress on the Starship in Just 12 Months

On September 28th, Elon Musk will take to the stage at Boca Chica to present the progress of SpaceX next-generation vehicle, the Starship. The Starship and its booster, Super Heavy are the vehicles SpaceX plans to use to colonize the moon and Mars.

This presentation will mark an incredible year for Musk and SpaceX where the Starship moved from a fancy render to actual reality. When Musk announced in September last year that Japanese Billionaire had purchased a flight for him and several artists to go around the moon in 2023, the Starship, then called BFR, was still in the early phases of development and Boca Chica was just a mound of dirt.

Fast forward to 12 months later, Boca Chica is a fully operational launch site. It has ground support equipment that is needed for test flights of the methane fueled Starship vehicle.

Test flights for the test vehicle, dubbed Starhopper, have already taken place at this Boca Chica site with the most recent reaching up to 150m. SpaceX has been using this site to build one of its prototypes and it’s nearing completion. This Starship prototype is now expected to be the main attraction in Musk’s highly anticipated presentation next weekend.

SpaceX is also building another prototype at its other build site at Cocoa near Cape Canaveral, Florida which is also nearing completion. This prototype will be launched from the Kennedy Space Centre at Pad 39A. This Launchpad is also undergoing renovations to prepare it for the upcoming Starship flights.

Musk first unveiled the plans to take humans to Mars in the next-generation vehicle at a conference in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2016. The vehicle was then called the BFR. Musk then made it a habit to provide an update once every year on the progress made. However, this year will be the first time that a nearly complete prototype will be unveiled.

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