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This new update pushes the unveiling by a few weeks from the July communication

Tesla To Unveil The Pickup Truck In November

The Tesla Pickup Truck will be unveiled in November according to a tweet by CEO, Elon Musk. Musk tweeted in July that the unveiling would take place within 2-3 months which put the unveiling in September/October then. This is an extension of a few weeks.

Musk had said that most of the design work on the truck was complete but the “magic is in the final details”. Tesla released a teaser image but it did not reveal that much. The pickup is expected to have a futuristic “cyberpunk Blade Runner “look to it. This inspired many designers to come up with their own concepts of how the vehicle will look like.


There is no release date of the Tesla Pickup. Tesla is still working on finishing the Model Y before the pickup can hit the road. Work also continues on its other vehicles like the Tesla Semi and the Next Generation Roadster.

Musk might talk more about all these other models at the November event.


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